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Even temperature to avoid wet or cold spots

Pre-heated air is still cooler than indoor air. Fresh air drops from the ceiling of the house results in improved mixing of indoor air. There is no chilled air dropped directly from open curtains into the barn. Curtains can be attached to the wall to reduce air leakage since there is no need for opening and closing of curtains.

Drier air reduce ammonia production

Fresh air heated from 35F to 60F actually is better than natural fresh air of 60F because it contains less moisture. Reduction of propane burning reduces moisture in so much that as 1 gallon of propane burned produces about 0.8 gallon of water. In other words, through waste heat capture, more air is brought into the house without increased propane cost.

Better air for healthier birds

Fewer respiratory problems caused by cold air. Drier barn will help to reduce foot problems caused by wet floor. Better air quality will help to minimize using of antibiotic medicine.

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