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Broiler FARM

A contract broiler grower installed waste heat recovery units in two of their four barns. 12 propane gas meters were installed in all four barns and daily propane consumption was recorded. Over two years of operation propane saving in the range of 45-50% were achieved based on weather and other operating conditions.

Turkey farm

An independent turkey grower in Cooper County, Missouri installed both the WHR system and a hybrid heat pump (HHP) system. WHR system has been operational for two full flocks.

On average during the operating period, each unit’s contribution to barn energy saving is about 16.5 KW/unit, which is equivalent to propane saving of 85 gal/day, which is over 2,400 gallon during the flock of 4 weeks.

Based on the farmer’s operating experience, there are significant benefits from the WHR system for turkey farmers, in addition to propane savings. These are:

  • Because there is no movement of the curtains any more, any holes or gaps between the wall and curtains can be fixed and patched to stop leaking. This will significantly reduce the common chilling or cold spot problems.





  • Weather independence and labor reduction: It is very challenging for growers to manage the curtains during winter time. It is a very sensitive operation based on bird’s condition and outdoor weather. Growers are required to take action based on temperature change, wind speed and direction change, even in the middle of the night. With the WHR system, the curtain will remain completely closed, and ventilation will be controlled by motor control frequency.
  • Pulling air into the attic space helps mixing of indoor air. Similar to this, very good air mixing has been observed because gradually sinking of cold air from top of the barn space. When the WHR units were operating, the farmer stopped running the mixing fans for the first time.
  • Without air dropping along the wall or direct cold air movement from open curtains, the farmer has not observed turkey “coughing” for the first time.

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