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Will the WHR change my existing heating system in the house?

No, your existing heating system, propane supply (tank and pipeline), and your temperature control system will all still be in use.

Will waste air be mixed and brought back into the barn?

No. Waste air will be discharged to ambient after releasing its heat. It will not be brought back into the house. No filtering of air is required.

Is there an application for remote access to control fans?

Not at this time, however, future development will focus on remote access

What about freezing temperatures and the impact on the water flush system?

The water flush system itself is self-draining so no water remains in the lines to freeze.  Warm air is being blown through the unit itself to defrost possible ice inside the WHR. Water can be adequately drained away from the unit and pad.

Are there grants or financing options available?

Yes, there are a variety of grants and financing options available for agricultural related projects such as this.  For more info, please contact us.

Do I need to receive special training to operate the WHR system?


No, the operation is simple and straightforward. Heartland Farm Energy will provide necessary operation instruction guidelines. You will use your experience in poultry farming to set up the right ventilation level in your barn, for best air quality and bird growing.


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