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About 80% of fuel is used to heat cold fresh air in poultry growing. Waste Heat Recovery (WHR) works by reclaiming heat from dirty ammonia filled air to preheat incoming fresh air.  This preheated air requires less fuel to reach required barn temperature.

Preheated fresh air is distributed throughout the barn with top to ground mixing. Warm air with uniformed distribution helps to maintain a comfortable environment and reduces the chance of respiratory problems. Higher production and lower mortality can be expected as a result of a more comfortable environment.

With using WHR there is no need to adjust barn curtains based on temperature and wind in the heating season. WHR will deliver the required amount of air into the barn based on the age of the birds.



Save heating fuel cost
of poultry barns by approximately


WHR investment in a turkey brooder barn paid off within about

5 years


If all this sounds too good to be true, we have units operating in broiler and turkey barns in central Missouri demonstrating these benefits. Contact us for a possible visit to one of the farms in central Missouri.

System Features

  1. Removes dirty ammonia filled air from your barn and uses this warm exhausted air to preheat incoming fresh air
  2. Creates a better environment for healthier birds thus potentially decreasing death losses
  3. Decreases heating fuel requirements by about 50%
  4. Reduces operation labor and stress without adjusting of the curtain position

System Configuration

The waste heat recovery system consists of the heat exchanger, air distribution system, variable speed controller, and auto flushing system.

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